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saint obi
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Obinna Nwafor, popularly known as Saint Obi, was a legendary Nollywood actor, producer, director, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and television personality. He was born on November 16, 1965, in Port Harcourt, River State, in the south-southern part of Nigeria. Saint Obi hailed from Okpa, a small town in the Mbaitolo Local Government Area of Imo State in the southeastern part of Nigeria. He grew up in Jos, Plateau State, in the northern part of Nigeria.

Saint Obi Age

Since he was born in 1965, he is 57 years old in the ear 2023.

Saint Obi Early Life and Education

Saint Obi was the only son in a family of nine children, with eight sisters. He completed his primary education in Jos, obtaining his First School Leaving Certificate. He then attended Zang Secondary Commercial School in Jos, where he obtained his West African Senior School Certificate. With a passion for the arts, particularly acting, Saint Obi proceeded to the University of Jos, where he majored in Theatre Arts and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1991.

Even during his university years, Saint Obi was actively involved in stage drama and performing arts. He honed his acting skills by participating in stage plays and appearing in several television soap operas. After completing his university education, he decided to pursue a career in acting.

Saint Obi Career

In 1995, Saint Obi officially joined the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, and began attending auditions and securing roles in movies. His talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of filmmakers, and he soon gained recognition for his acting prowess. In 1996, he rose to fame after starring in several NTA commercial series, solidifying his position as a prominent actor in the industry.

Saint Obi’s on-screen presence and ability to portray diverse characters endeared him to audiences. He became renowned for his roles in action thriller movies, often playing the part of a hero, legend, police detective, top security agent, or hitman. His performances were marked by intensity, charisma, and a commanding presence that captivated viewers. His characters fought crime, tackled corruption, and protected society from various threats.

Saint Obi Movies

Throughout his career, Saint Obi appeared in over 250 Nollywood movies. Some of his notable works include “Candle Light,” “Goodbye Tomorrow,” “Heart of Gold,” “Executive Crime,” “State of Emergency,” “War Front,” “The President Must Not Die,” and many more. While he occasionally ventured into romantic movies, he was most revered for his roles in action thrillers.

In addition to his acting accomplishments, Saint Obi ventured into movie production. In 2001, he produced his first film, titled “Take Me to Mama,” where he also starred as Jerry. The movie featured a talented ensemble cast, including Ebi Sam, Rachel Oniga, Nse Abel, and Enebeli Elebuwa. This marked the beginning of his foray into behind-the-scenes work, demonstrating his multifaceted talents as an actor, producer, and director.

Saint Obi’s impact on the Nigerian film industry extended beyond his on-screen performances. He was regarded as one of the highest-paid actors in Nigeria, as well as one of the wealthiest and most influential figures in the industry. His contributions to Nollywood, particularly in the action thriller genre, solidified his status as a living legend.

Despite his success, Saint Obi made the decision to retire from acting in order to focus on other aspects of the entertainment industry. In an interview, he explained that he wanted to move behind the scenes to improve the industry and explore new opportunities. While he clarified that his decision was not due to a lack of available roles, he believed that quality acting mattered more than the quantity of appearances. Over the years, he gradually reduced the number of movies he appeared in, prioritizing the significance of his performances.

Beyond his involvement in the entertainment industry, Saint Obi was an entrepreneur and investor. He established Agwhyte International Limited, a production, talent and brand management, and public relations firm with operations in Nigeria and the United States of America. This venture allowed him to utilize his industry experience and expertise to support and promote aspiring talents in the entertainment field.

Saint Obi’s Wife

Saint Obi's Wife picture

In addition to his successful career, he is married to Lydia Saint Nwafor, and together, they have been blessed with many beautiful children.

Saint Obi Networth

Saint Obi’s talent and dedication have propelled him to become one of the richest and most influential actors in Nigeria. With his remarkable achievements, he has amassed an estimated net worth of $7 million, a testament to his success and financial prosperity.

Saint Obi Death

Tragically, on May 7, 2023, Saint Obi passed away at the age of 57 after battling a protracted illness. The news of his demise sent shockwaves through the Nigerian film industry, and his loss was deeply mourned by fans, colleagues, and the wider community. Saint Obi’s contributions to Nollywood will forever be remembered, and his legacy as a talented actor and influential figure in the industry will continue to inspire future generations.

In conclusion, Saint Obi was a Nigerian actor, producer, director, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and television personality. His career spanned over two decades, during which he left an indelible mark on the Nigerian film industry.

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