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About Oh Lord

Oh Lord is a soul-stirring song by Nigerian artist, Corizo. Oh Lord is a heartfelt plea for divine intervention and guidance, with Corizo reflecting on his past mistakes and seeking forgiveness. The song’s introspective and vulnerable nature has made it a fan-favorite among listeners who appreciate the artist’s honesty and raw emotions. Corizo’s delivery, combined with the beautiful melody and inspiring lyrics, make “Oh Lord” a powerful and uplifting track that resonates with many listeners. If you’re a fan of music that speaks to the soul, “Oh Lord” is definitely worth checking out.

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Quotable Oh Lord Lyrics

This street is not friendly like essential dog e ash
The struggle be like scabies he they body they strash
Oh lord i come here with full force like rain wey thunder follow
Na your grace i take stand without you i for don fall oh
Oh lord my mama don try
Make she still ball nah

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