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About Story of Padi

Story of Padi is a song by Nigerian singer and rapper Corizo, which tells a poignant story of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal.

In the song, Corizo narrates the story of two childhood friends, Padi and Michael, who grew up together and did everything together. They were inseparable and promised to be there for each other no matter what.

However, as they grew older, Michael began to change. He became greedy and selfish and started to prioritize his own interests over their friendship. He betrayed Padi by stealing from him and even went as far as sleeping with Padi’s girlfriend.

Padi, who had always been there for Michael, was devastated by his friend’s betrayal. He felt hurt, angry, and disappointed, but eventually realized that Michael was not the kind of friend he wanted or needed in his life.

The song’s chorus is particularly powerful, as Corizo sings about the pain of being betrayed by someone you thought was a friend: “Story of Padi, I no fit trust nobody. Because the person wey I call my padi, na him run me down. Na him break my heart, him scatter my plans.”

Overall, “Story of Padi” is a moving and relatable song that speaks to the universal experience of friendship and betrayal. It highlights the importance of choosing your friends wisely, and the pain that can come when those relationships go awry.

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Quotable Story of Padi Lyrics

Story story
Story of my padi
Padi de go School
Nah last padi de carry
E manage go class all day
E go de 2go
Padi nah bad raper turn school to studio
Like oluku transformer
Padi ready blow
No light for Nigeria
E Go hard padi to blow

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