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About DITR

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DITR is a song by Nigerian singer Ayra Starr. The song was released on August 6, 2021, as part of her debut album “19 & Dangerous.”

DITR stands for “Diamond in the Rough,” and the song’s lyrics are about Ayra Starr’s journey as an up-and-coming artist in the music industry. She sings about her struggles, doubts, and insecurities as she tries to make a name for herself in a highly competitive industry. Despite these challenges, she remains determined and confident that she will shine like a diamond in the rough.

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Quotable DITR Lyrics

Oh, oh, oh

Noticed the stars in the sky were lost
No it’s not me, it’s just the place I was born
I thought this world was sane enough
It’s hard being the DITR, the DITR

I disobeyed
I taught you better
My mama yelled
Omomi wa da
Your child is changing
She started drinking
She’s doing drugs now
To end this feelings

She don dey do runs girl
She’s a bit shy, God have mercy
Smoke a little Indian hem
Or se igbo labi
She’s still your baby
Nothing has changed please
She’s only aging
Peer pressure bad ni (peer pressure bad ni)

Loving ties, scary fight
All we know is loving people wе don’t like
Just to vibe, then we end up drinking liquor in the night, with a smile
Claiming that we satisfied with all this fights
Punches everywhere like it’s Christmas light

I disobeyed
I taught you better
My mama yelled
Omomi wa da
Your boy is changing
He started drinking
He’s doing drugs now to end this feelings

He’s a diamond in the rough
And now he’s playing with a gun
Does he go to school anymore
Is he the king of his cult

‘Cause I disobeyed
I thought you better
My mama yelled
Omomi wa da
(Your child is changing)
(They started drinking)
(He’s doing drugs now)
(To end this feelings)

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